E4Impact Acceleration Program

The E4Impact Acceleration Program is a dynamic and innovative program designed to support and empower growth-stage and scale-up enterprises in Kenya. Our mission is to nurture the growth and success of Kenyan impact entrepreneurs by providing them with the necessary resources, training, and equity funding to build their enterprises into thriving and impactful businesses.


The Journey Includes:-

01. Application

The recruitment process is officially launched and all interested candidates are invited to submit their applications through our online platform/ application.

02. Pre - Selection

From the applications received, an initial pre - selection is undertaken as the first screening towards determining enterprises who will form the cohort.

03. Interviews

The candidates who qualify after the first screening are invited for an interview to get a better understanding of their enterprises against the laid out criteria.

04. Due Diligence

A thorough background check is done, for the enterprises that qualify after the interviews, as part of further screening.

05. Final Selection

Final determination of the enterprises forming the cohort is made and communication is passed on to them; including a schedule of the acceleration program.

06. Cohort Launch

The cohort is officially launched and the enterprises start their acceleration journey with E4Impact, and now access to Accelerator Services

To ensure that the accelerator meets the needs of the entrepreneurs, these key elements are part of the program:

1. Training

Our training program is action-oriented, with specific business assignments to be executed by entrepreneurs. It involves a “deep-dive” into the following areas:

Business Filings

(Modelling, Scaling & Impact Measurement)

Market Analysis & Sales

Business Systems & Processes

Financial Modelling

Capital Raising

The specific modules are reviewed quarterly to better respond to the needs of the cohort and are delivered in multiple formats as below:
  1. Monthly in-presence session
  2. Monthly webinars
  3. Online learning portal
Specific training by E4A Partners

2. Services

Our training program is action-oriented, with specific business assignments to be executed by entrepreneurs. It involves a “deep-dive” into the following areas:

A. Co -Working Space

We offer a serene working environment with key amenities. i.e. Branded desk for 2-3 staff members, internet connection, cafeteria, boardroom facility, private calling booths, network of like minded entrepreneurs, and access to common training and outdoor spaces.

B. Professional Services

E4 Impact offers specialized professional support services, which will include: legal services, accounting and auditing, human resources, sales & marketing, and finally branding.



C. Coaching

Coaching is tailored to the specific needs and operating environment of the business. Some of this coaching will be realized on the business premises.



D. Satellite Services

We offer opportunities based on satellite communication technologies and other space assets (e.g. GNSS, earth observation products, precision farming, etc.)



E. Mentorship by companies & experts

Through a matchmaking process, the business will be paired with: a) mentors from the same sector (especially from italy); b) Knowledge mentors: experts in agriculture. packaging, technology, etc.

F. Network Events

Network events will be organized quarterly at E4A to create linkages with E4A partners, experts, and professionals.





G. Alumni Support

At the end of the 1 year acceleration period, the graduated enterprises will join the E4Impact Global Alumni Network.





3. Fundraising

A. Access to seed grants:- E4A will deploy seed grants based on the business milestones to some of the companies. These seed grants will serve as a catalyst for future capital raising.

B. Investor Linkages:- To create a strong relationship between investors and businesses, E4A will offer:

  • Investor monthly webinars
  • Sharing of investor teaser documents;
  • Physical meetings with investors on site;
  • Conference calls to specific investors;
  • Sector-specific “Fundraising Demo Days”.