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e4impact Incubator 2.0

28th February 2022


E4Impact Foundation funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, have launched the Accelerator 2.0 to strengthen the enterprises in Kenya to grow their business, scale their impact and access markets.

The E4Impact Accelerator program launched in 2018 has worked with over 300 enterprises across diverse sectors to grow their business and scale their impact through a portfolio of entrepreneurial programs and services. In the launch of the second phase of the Accelerator, E4Impact will work with 40 enterprises per year – 30 growth stage enterprises and 10 early stage enterprises and provide thefollowing services and benefits below.

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Eligible Sectors

Agri - Food


Green Business & Renewable Energy


Fashion & Design


Program Benefits

Every year, E4Impact Accelerator runs a recruitment cycle to recruit entrepreneurs to join the 12 months Accelerator program.

Join the 12 month program to access:

Organic Farming

Organic farming is gaining momentum all over the world and it offers an appealing future for at least three reason, out of which the third is particularly significant for Africa

1-it Allows agribusiness to become sustainable from an environmental standpoint

2-it offers a chance to upgrade the product from a sheer low price commodity to a premium product sold at higher price and margin, as the demand is outpacing the supply all over the world

3-where the current farming is not yet highly industrialized, it offers the possibility to leapfrog such a phase and move directly from traditional subsistence farming to the most advanced concepts.

With this in mind E4Impact is proud to announce that the Accelerator will offer specialized training sessions dedicated to Organic Farming. These sessions will be run in cooperation with Ca’ Colonna, an Italian Organic Farming Company, which is endowed with the highest certifications in Organic Farming and will take lead on the technical elements and all the aspects related to Certifications.

The goal of this training is to provide the agri-entrepreneurs with the key elements needed to evaluate the opportunity offered by biological Agri-food, its requirements and implications, how they should organize themselves to start it or to develop it. This should allow them to start such an activity in a better and highly professional manner. Eventually Ca’ Colonna has the option to propose to some participants a further cooperation or partnership that will go beyond the accelerator itself .

Acceleration Program

Application Criteria

Incubation Program

Application Criteria


28th February 2022
Application Deadline

Applicants who wish to join the Program should have summited all the required documents and forms.

1st - 4th March 2022
Review of applications

During this period our panel of experts will carefully review every application in order to select the teams best suited to join the program.

7th March 2022
Announcement of Shortlisted Applicants

A list of the shortlisted candidates will be made public and the selected applicants notified. 

14th - 18th March 2022

The shortlisted applicants will present themselves to our team for final evaluation.

21st - 25th March 2022
Due Diligence
Due Diligence

The necessary due Diligence processes will be carried out during this period.

29th March 2022

Final list of selected applicants will be announced.

5th April 2022
Launch of the program

Official commencement of the  acceleration and incubation programs.


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