E4Impact Revives Simbol and Masol Demo Fodder farmer groups

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Simbol Pastoralic is the parent group that sired Masol Demonstration Plot. It began in 2013 with an objective of producing fodder to mitigate drought issues in the community. The groups faced a myriad of drawbacks key among them were non-commitment by members and poor planning, poor record keeping and resource management. Overpowered by these challenges, Simbol Pastrolic became extinct while Masol demonstration plot struggled to survive to date.

With these challenges and the great potential seen in fodder production in the area, E4Impact Foundation has become the new messiah in reviving the groups and enabling them maximize their potential through group dynamics training. Group dynamics outlines the social processes, behaviors, power and personality by which people in a group should emulate to create a positive working environment.
It is through small groups of thoughtful people that we can change the world. Community capacity building on the essence of group dynamics helps in improving group performances and individual growth. People can only achieve success if they apply the right techniques that will guide them into achieving positive impact.
To strengthen Masol and Simbol fodder groups and scale up viable business models while linking fodder producers to mar

kets, E4Impact established the need for team-building interventions on group management and leadership, conflict management & communication, records, finance & decision making and entrepreneurship.

   The training was conducted at Tikit; Masol Conservancy Head Quarters on 9th– 11th September, 2020. In a group where the dynamics are poor, people’s behaviors disrupt activities and performance. That is why E4Impact Foundation through the European Union funded project Ustahimilivu is capacity building the community in West Pokot. The aim is to have strong and effective groups in Pellow and Masol Conservancies that will be used in development of viable business models for fodder value chain then linking them to both markets within and outside West Pokot. The purpose is to improve teamwork and performance of the fodder groups in production and marketing of produce.
There were several facilitation techniques used by E4Impact Foundation which included question and answer sessions, brainstorming, group discussions, case study discussions and practical implementation of some of the topics by trainees on flip charts and paper sheets. The multitude of training methodologies were utilized in order to make sure all the participants get the whole concept and practice what they are taught.
E4Impact is an initiative launched in 2010 by ALTIS – Graduate School of Business and Society of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, with the objective of training impact entrepreneurs in the developing world to support the start-up and growth of their businesses. In the EU funded Ustahimilivu program, E4Impact will be giving support in Enterprise and Value Chain Development.
The USTAHIMILIVU project is funded by the European Union and Implemented by E4Impact Foundation, Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) CEFA, Amref Health Africa and SOMIRENEC.

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