My Transformative Experience in Kenya

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From Kenya, I carry with me cherished memories and newly found perspectives that have undoubtedly shaped my approach to personal and professional endeavours; today and into the future.

I have always been fascinated by current events and the discovery of new cultures that allow me to broaden my perspectives and continue to grow both professionally and as a person. When I was given the opportunity to travel to Kenya, I did not think twice; I immediately set off on a journey that later turned out to be one of the best adventures of my life!

I embarked on this journey with some trepidation, but it turned out to be unforgettable through participation in the E4Impact Entrepreneurship Center, Kenya programs. This transformative experience not only enriched my professional growth, but also allowed me to embrace the warm and welcoming nature of the Kenyan people. Throughout my time at the E4Impact Center, I was surrounded by incredible colleagues, who played an integral role in shaping my experience and fostering a sense of belonging.

E4Impact provides an immersive environment for practising and aspiring entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives (like myself) who wish to grow into impact entrepreneurs operating in various sectors. This beautiful place located in Karen offered me a unique platform to interact with fellow professionals, mentors, and investors. The diverse range of talents and ideas fostered an atmosphere of creativity and collaboration; igniting sparks of inspiration that transcended cultural boundaries. From the moment I arrived, I was embraced by the genuine warmth and hospitality of the Kenyan people. Their eagerness to share their culture, traditions, and stories created an enriching experience beyond the realm of the professional setting. Whether it was being invited to traditional meals or participating in local festivities, I felt a deep connection with the community around me.

Immersing myself in the Kenyan culture was the highlight of my experience. The country’s rich heritage, amazing music, and colourful art captivated my senses. The sense of community and unity were evident in the way Kenyans came together during celebrations; and I was fortunate to witness some traditional dances and festivities that showcased their strong sense of identity. My time in Kenya taught me invaluable lessons in resilience and determination. Witnessing the Kenyan peoples’ perseverance in the face of challenges inspired me to approach my own endeavours with renewed vigour. Their ability to find joy in simple things and appreciate life’s blessings left a profound impact on my outlook.

It can then finally be said that my Kenyan experience; at E4Impact and beyond, was truly transformative. Not only did I have the opportunity to grow professionally, but I also formed lasting connections with incredible individuals with whom I shared different views of life and values. Kenya’s vibrant culture, coupled with the warmth and kindness of her people, made this journey unforgettable. As I bid farewell to this beautiful nation, I carry with me cherished memories and newly found perspectives that have undoubtedly shaped my approach to personal and professional endeavours; today and into the future.

Asante sana!

See you soon!


By Francesco Sani,

Master’s Student at the Catholic University of Milan, Business Markets and Strategies Course.


Chief Editor: Wanjiru Kaburu,

Communication & Marketing Lead, E4Impact

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