E4Impact Accelerator Program

Accelerator Program

The E4Impact Accelerator (E4A) works with Kenyan businesses to accelerate their growth through impactful training programs and linkages to European markets and investors. To ensure that the accelerator meets the needs of the entrepreneurs, these key elements are part of the program:

For the accelerated companies and early stage company investors, we offer co-working space with basic amenities including: branded desk for 2-3 staff members, internet connection, full service restaurant, boardroom facility, private calling booths, a campus of like-minded entrepreneurs, and access to common training and outdoor spaces.

The facility shall also provide space to investors keen on interacting with the accelerated firms and other entrepreneurs in the ecosystem.

Our training program is action-oriented, with specific business assignments to be executed by entrepreneurs. It involves a “deep-dive” into the following areas:

  • Business Strategy (Modelling, Scaling & Impact Measurement)
  • Market Analysis & Sales
  • Business Systems and Processes
  • Financial Modelling
  • Capital Raising

The specific modules are reviewed quarterly to better respond to the needs of the cohort with and are delivered in multiple formats as below:

A. Monthly in presence session

Who attends: The Founder/ Co-founder and/or a member of the team depending on the relevance of the topic.

When: Every second Thursday and/or Friday of the month (10 am – 5 pm).

Where: At the Somirenec Center.

B. Monthly webinars

  • Two (2) focused on the specific managerial / entrepreneurial topics.
  • One (1) is on readiness for investment from a Venture Capital or Private Equity practitioner.
  • Other Webinars will be more industry-specific or given by a seasoned entrepreneur or subject matter expert.
  • Who attends: The Founder/ Co-founder, business function lead(s), other team/staff members.

    When: Mainly Thursdays, 4 pm – 5 pm.

    NB: All the webinar are also recorded for viewing at the convenience of the entrepreneurs. Where: Online.

    C.Online learning portal

    Access to an online learning portal where other learning resources will be shared outside of the classroom will be provided. It will host: training contents, further readings, topical journal papers, reports, case studies, videos, presentations all of which are organized by industry.

    D.Specific training by E4A Partners

    In presence sessions and webinars by specific Partners. E.g. IBM will train on artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc.; Google Labs on social media marketing, digital presence, etc.

    E4A will offer specialized professional support services, which will include:

    • Legal services
    • Accounting and auditing
    • Human Resources
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Branding

    Coaching will mainly focus on strategy and financial planning.The coaching is tailored to the specific needs and operating environment of the business. Some of this coaching will be realized in the business premises.

    In partnership with Openet Technologies S.p.A through its “Space AcceleratoR as a Key for Market Enhancement” (Spark Me), E4A will offer opportunities based on Satellite communication technologies and other space assets (e.g. GNSS, Earth Observation products, precision farming etc.)

    Through a matchmaking process, the businesses will be paired with:

    • Mentors from the same sector (especially from Italy);
    • Knowledge mentors: experts in agriculture, packaging, technology, etc.

    Networking events will be organized quarterly at E4A to create linkages with E4A partners, experts and professionals.

    To create a strong relationship between investors and the businesses, E4A will offer:

    • Investor monthly webinars (already mentioned);
    • Sharing of investor teaser documents;
    • Physical meetings with investors on site;
    • Conference calls to present the business to specific investors;
    • Sector-specific “Fundraising Demo Days”.

    Accelerated business will be offered support in identifying, measuring and reporting the social and environmental impact of the businesses, This is important for decision making and raising funds from impact investors.

    E4A will deploy seed grants based on the business milestones to some of the companies. These seed grants will serve as a catalyst for future capital raising.

    At the end of the one-year acceleration period, the graduated enterprises will join the E4Impact Global Alumni Network. The Network promotes:

    • Global visibility;
    • Investment opportunities;
    • Support in scaling geographically;
    • Peer-to-peer advisory;
    • Participation in events in Kenya, other African countries and in Europe.

    Selection Process Timelines

    Applications OpenMarch 15th- April 30th  2019
    Round 1: Selection Of EntrepreneursMay 1st   - May 10th 2019
    Announcement of the Round 1 FinalistsMay 13th 2019
    Round 2: Selection Of EntrepreneursMay 20th -   May 24th 2019
    Announcement Of Semi FinalistsMay 27th 2019
    Final Selection Of Finalists - Due DiligenceMay 28th - May 31st 2019
    Announcement Of FinalistsJune 3rd 2019
    Accelerator Launch Day of the 2nd Cohort June 6th 2019