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PCM Proficiency

About the training


Amongst the most notable skill deficiencies in development cooperation, there’s the proficiency in Project Cycle Management (PCM). In the aftermath of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness (2005) and the introduction of new ways to deliver development aid, including sector-wide approaches and budget-support funding, the emphasis on Results-Based Management (RBM) in development was heightened. How then does one achieve results in projects and programs?

That’s where PCM proficiency comes in; PCM proficiency is absolutely a must in order to get the credibility to receive funding from different institutional Donors and maintain it over time to actualize projects that promote actual development.

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Building Expertise on Project Proposal Writing

Project proposal writing is an essential skill for anyone seeking to secure funding for a project or initiative. It involves a great deal of research, planning and preparation, as well as an understanding of the project’s specific objectives and goals. The proposal must also clearly articulate a plan for achieving those goals.

Training on Financing Strategies and Attracting Donors

Non-profit organizations must have effective financing strategies and be able to attract donors in order to be successful. Training on financing strategies and donor attraction is essential for non-profit organizations to learn the best practices in fundraising and donor relations.

Modules on Needs Analysis & Creating Logical Frameworks

This module focuses on the concept of needs analysis and creating logical frameworks. Participants will learn how to identify and assess the needs of a particular project, organization, or program in order to determine appropriate strategies and approaches.

Modules on Projects Implementation, Evaluation & Monitoring

Projects implementation, evaluation and monitoring are essential components of successful project management. The implementation module focuses on the necessary steps involved in getting a project up and running, from project initiation and planning to the actual implementation of the project.

Modules on Stakeholders Analysis

Stakeholders Analysis is an important part of business strategy and management. It involves identifying and understanding the different stakeholders involved in a business, their interests, and their roles in the decision-making process.

Who are we targeting
Target Group


Individuals venturing into projects or running projects and are keen to understand the project cycle in its entirety.

NGOs and FBOs

NGOs and FBOs keen on building the capacity of their teams on matters project cycle management.


Enterprises dedicated to supporting Community Based Organizations.

Business Development Trainers

Business Development Trainers seeking to upskill their craft in PCM Training.

How will learning flow


In line with the training methodology of E4Impact Foundation, the PCM Course will be held in a blended mode. The entire training will take 3 months with an addition of 2 weekly boot camps interspersed with distance individual and group mentoring sessions.


Gain full stack understanding of Project Cycle Management(PCM).

Get free mentorship on PCM.

Acquire unmatched knowledge on PCM from an expert trainer

Two to Three free consultation sessions with the trainer after the training is done.


He has trained and fundraised for more than 100 funded projects in Africa and beyond.

After completing his studies in Law and a Master Degree in European Project Planning, and after having completed a 3-month internship in Amnesty International, Mauro worked for the International Organization for International Co-operation (OVCI la Nostra Famiglia) for 16 years; first as Head of Institutional Fund Raising in the HQs and then, as the Country Representative and Team Leader of the Organization in South Sudan. In 2008, he returned to Italy to take on the functions of Head of Planning and Project Development. 

In the exercise of his assignment, Mauro obtained the approval of more than 100 cooperation and development projects from Institutional Donors such as the European Union, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Italian Episcopal Conference, etc. 

He also coordinated the entire project management cycle for all the programs launched during that time; through continuous monitoring as well as distance and field assessment missions. 

Finally, he had the opportunity to carry out; as an expert, several specific training sessions to Sudanese NGOs on Project Cycle Management as well as external evaluations of cooperation projects co-financed by the European Union to other local NGOs which took him to Sudan, South Sudan, Ecuador, Morocco and China. 

Borin joined E4Impact as Head of the Projects Office in June 2020.


The PCM training is going for $1,000 (a flat rate of KES. 120,000) per trainee. For organizations, there is a 20% discount for every second person attending the training. During application for the training, there is a requirement for a commitment fee of 10% of the training fee. The fee will therefore be paid as follows: 

1 % of 120,000
as part of registration.
1 % of 120,000
by the end of the first month of training.
1 % of 120,000
before the first boot camp.

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