Request For Proposals For Business Processes Services

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Terms Of Reference for Consultant To Provide Business Processes Services To E4impact Accelerator & Incubator


Project: Incubatore di’ impresa in Kenya

Cup No: J49J21015460008

Contract: Consultancy

Duration: 10 months

RFP: E4I/Incubatore/RFP 02/2022


The E4Impact Foundation’s mission and goal is to train a new generation of impact entrepreneurs in Africa, leveraging partnerships among companies and universities, institutions across the globe. To achieve this goal, E4Impact runs incubation and acceleration centers to provide businesses with entrepreneurial services, such as:

• links with local investors

• Connections with international companies,

• Funding,

• ICT and satellite communication services

• Access to markets

The E4Impact Accelerator and Incubator onboards 30 and 10 enterprises respectively for a period of 12 months. The enterprises receive training, links to markets & investors as well as professional services during the engagement period. 


The objective of this consultancy is to provide comprehensive Business processes design and improvement support and training to the E4Impact Entrepreneurs in relation to End to End business processes and systems and process excellence.

The responsibilities of the consultant are: 

  1. Assessment of the training and growth needs of the accelerated and incubated enterprises 

  2. Design a training package that addresses the business processes gaps

  3. Train, mentor and coach the 30 accelerated and 10 incubated enterprises for at least 10 months


 The Consultant will:

  1. Assessment of the processes training needs of the enterprises (Accelerator and Incubator);
  2. Design of a training package that defines and meet the training and growth needs of each cohort
  3. Provide process support services support directly to the enterprises
  4. Design and submission of a clear set of goals and objectives, deliverables, and methodology (including findings from assessment and a sound mix of theory and practice) before the actual training begins;
  5. Follow up plan and coaching of each enterprise to ensure implementation of action plans, adjustment of approaches if necessary
  6. Support in new product development, production, sales and outsourcing
  7. Submission of quarterly progress reports


The terms and conditions of the CONTRACT shall apply for the duration of the CONTRACT, beginning on the date of this assignment, or the actual date of commencement of the WORK whichever is earlier, and the COMPLETION DATE of April 30, 2023.


  • Financial proposals should be submitted separately.


Payment of the Consultant for the provision of deliverables outlined in Clause 4 above shall be according to the following schedule:

Acceptance of the Inception Report                                  30%

Acceptance of the First Draft Report                                35%

Acceptance of the Final Report                                          35%

Total                                                                                  100%


  1. Eligible Consultants should have the following qualifications and experience:
  2. Certified Process professional
  3. At least 5 years of experience as a business process expert
  4. Team with relevant and diverse experience
  5. Demonstrated experience for resolving SME-specific challenges and successful development approaches.  
  6. Experience in process excellence support, training, and capacity building 
  7. Demonstrated knowledge and experience related to SMEs, private sector, and entrepreneurship development in the country
  8. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively with stakeholders across multiple organizations.


  1. The consultancy firms invited to this Request for Proposal are hereby informed that no relationship can exist between the firm and E4Impact Accelerator except on the basis of a formal written contract. This document constitutes only a solicitation of interest in and proposal for providing business processes services to E4Impact Accelerator, and shall not be interpreted as an offer E4Impact Accelerator enter into a retainer agreement for such services. Your response will be treated as an offer to provide such services and not an acceptance of any offer made by E4Impact.
  2. This Request for Proposal is based on the understanding that the review of and response to this Request for Proposal by the Business Processes firm will not entail any cost or obligation for E4Impact.


Eligible Consultant(s) should submit technical and financial proposals in electronic format. Proposals should also include inter alia:

  1. Your interpretation of the task as contained in the ToR 
  2. Statement of relevant experience i.e. similar assignments executed in/under execution in the last five years;
  3. Measurable goals and objectives and methodology;
  4. Indication of availability to carry out the Consultancy during the period July 1st 2022 to April 30, 2023;
  5. Supporting documents such as CVs are to be attached as appendix

 Proposals should be sent not later than 1600hrs on June 23, 2022 via

 Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.


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