Request For Quotation For Internet Service Providers (ISP)

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1. Objectives

The present Terms of Reference aim to provide a framework for full TCP/IP Internet Service
Provision for the E4Impact Accelerator Center in Hardy Karen, Nairobi.
The service should be highly stable and reliable and possess the following characteristics:

  • Fee structure: fixed monthly fee.
  • Capacity requirement: symmetric over 50Mbps bandwidth for the Main and
    40Mbps as backup,
  • Connection: cable type, preferably fiber-optic; wireless solutions may be considered.
  • Technical Assistance: 7x24x365 coverage for technical assistance and/or helpdesk
  • The service is expected to be highly stable and reliable.

2. Background

E4Impact Accelerator is located in SOMIRENEC off Ushirika Road in Hardy- Karen after the
Cooperative University.

We will need to provide internet to a total number of 50 single end-users and be capable of live
streaming in two separate training rooms and a board room connected through a wireless

  • Incubated companies – dedicated connection for 20 end-users (75Mbps)
  • Training room – dedicated connection 40 end-users (100Mbps)
  •  E4Impact staff – dedicated internet connection for 15 end-users (50 Mbps)

3. Technical Requirements

Overall purpose and objectives of the Task:

1. The ISP shall provide E4Impact Accelerator Center with:

a. Supply and installation of dedicated internet service connection with speeds of over 40Mbps/50Mbps full Duplex each via fiber optic cable for one (01) year usage to the E4Impact Accelerator with at least 99.9% uptime availability.
b. ISP shall provide internet connection at a traffic-independent flat fee, unlimited usage time, without any further restriction on (i.e. proxy, firewall, filtering Servers) and the internet bandwidth must be a dedicated line, not shared with other customers;
c. ISP should provide All necessary hardware, cabling, and software (if required for Internet service) should be provided and set up by the provider.
d. In case of a shared channel the minimal guaranteed bandwidth should be clearly mentioned in the proposal.
e. Install last-mile cabling outside and within the E4Impact Accelerator premises necessary for establishing connectivity between internet service provider’s Network and office LAN at no extra cost.
f. Data confidentiality guarantee; Provider may not scan traffic (if this should be done for finding problems in the network a prior E4Impact agreement must be obtained).
g. Quality of Service

2. Prospective ISP must include their proposed Service Level Agreement (SLA) terms and conditions that would be applicable to this engagement.

3. The ISP shall provide and guarantee redundant routes with appropriate internet speed corresponding to the main link i.e. multi peering routes or any alternative routes that will provide access to the internet in case of problems with internet Services Provider’s primary connections to ensure 99.9% uptime service availability to minimize or eliminate downtime.

4. The availability of the Internet Service for Fiber Optic Lines shall be a minimum of 99.9% as measured over the period of the calendar month (<45 minutes’ downtime)

5. The ISP must provide software/tool to E4Impact IT Department for checking &amp; monitoring the data transfer rate/usage at any moment. The ISP should also monitor the link health and inform the office if any disruption occurred.

6. ISP shall provide 24x7x365 monitoring facility available online that would show historical and real-time performance of the internet service i.e. internet traffic graphic tool.

7. The ISP should be in the position to provide higher bandwidth for a limited period/longer period if required by E4Impact on short notice. For longer periods, our office will amend the contract and reflect the new bandwidth.

8. The ISP will be responsible for all equipment/media used for the service and ensure proper maintenance and routine checkup is done as necessary.

9. The successful ISP must have 24x7x365 technical assistant or helpdesk and should inform (by email and SMS) E4Impact ICT Focal points about any issues related to the link.

10. The ISP shall send a qualified technical representative within 2 hours of trouble/incident to resolve any problem at no additional cost to E4Impact, if the problem cannot be resolved through telephone support or assistance.

11. The ISP should assign a technical focal person who will handle all communication within E4Impactrelated to service.

12. The ISP shall inform the E4Impact Accelerator Offices at least ten (10) days ahead prior to any monthly scheduled maintenance or twenty-four (24) hours ahead prior to unscheduled emergency maintenance of the side of the Provider.

13. The ISP shall state clearly about compensation/penalty in case of failure of services.

14. The ISP shall confirm in writing any report service interruption due to INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER’s equipment or facilities or causes within its control, and adjust or repay part of the charges in accordance with a rebate structure.

4. Additional Notes

  • Under normal circumstances, all problems should be resolved within a maximum of 24
    hours after the notification from E4Impact is received. The provider is also responsible for
    contacting the designated E4Impact focal contact for both scheduled and unscheduled
  •  ISPs are required to describe what alternate routing or fallback arrangements for
    continuity of service they have in place (if any), should their primary link(s) to the
    Internet backbone becomes non-operational. The ISP is to indicate what contracting
    arrangement they have with the primary Internet providers they work with.
  • The successful provider must have a physical presence, including the availability of technical
    support, in Kenya

5. Implementation Timeline

All installation works should be accomplished and connection launched within 14 days after
the signing of the Contract.

6. Contractual and payment stipulations:

  • Internet service should be based on a fixed periodic (quarterly or bi-annually) payment plan
    with no additional cost
  • Contract duration: 1 year with possibility for renewal over 3 years or graceful exit with a
    maximum of 90 day period of written notice, without penalties to E4Impact.

7. Deliverables

8. Qualification Requirements and Terms and Conditions

E4Impact Accelerator needs the following qualifications and Terms and conditions from the
potential ISP:

a. 4-5 years relevant experience in the provision of services in nature, scale, and complexity commensurate with the present terms of reference, with already provided services possessing features required by these terms of reference; The company must have at least three similar contracts (similar by scope, nature and amount); references from other clients are highly welcome.
b. Qualified and experienced experts in system administration Application Process: All interested /qualified vendors/ISP are requested to submit a RFQ on or before February 15th, 2022 4:30 Pm by mail to the following address email address;; furthermore the RFQ should include the ISP/Company profile.

Application Process:

All interested /qualified vendors/ISP are requested to submit a RFQ on or before February
15th, 2022 4:30 Pm by mail to the following address email address;; furthermore, the RFQ should include the ISP/Company profile.

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