Social Entrepreneurship: A Paradigm For Inclusive Economic Recovery & Growth

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Session  Background:

According to the UNESCO, 72.9 percent of total enrolled learners worldwide have been affected by the pandemic, leading to calls of embracing digital teaching tools to sustain learning, majority of whom do not have access to such kinds of tools.

We’ll delve into the role of Social Entrepreneurs of democratizing education by designing new models of education that are accessible to the poor, and explore the untapped potential for technology in education.

This session’s partner is E4Impact, an initiative aimed at fostering sustainable development through impact entrepreneurship.

Moderator: Annie Gitau (Newspapers in Education(NiE) Manager, Standard Media Group)


  • Prof. Diane Holt (Chair in Entrepreneurship, Leeds University Business School )
  • Prof. Said Benammar (Director of Executive Education, Université International de Casablanca)
  • Prof. Ranga Zinyemba (Rector and Vice Chancellor, Catholic University of Zimbabwe)
  • Prof. Alessandro Giudici (Senior Lecturer in Strategy & Director of Modular Executive MBA, City’s Business School)
  • Prof. Misganaw Solomon Menghistu (Deputy Vice Chancellor, St Mary’s University)

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Session Flow

2.45pm-2.59pm       Login and test sound, microphone, background lighting

 3.00pm-3.15pm      Round of Introduction:  Moderator introduces self and E4Impact

3.15pm-3.25pm     Prof. Diane Holte, Read Prof. David Littlewood Speech.

What are the roles of enterprises in sustainable development and poverty alleviation in Africa?

What are the best practices that the enterprises can adopt to increase productivity and impact?

 3.25pm-3.35pm         Prof. Ranga Zinyemba: How can higher education in Africa be organized to have a more inclusive approach to entrepreneurship for a blue collar economy?

3.35pm-3.45pm          Dr. Misganaw Solomon Mengstu: How can Africa transform the education system to make it accessible to all and reduce disparities?

3.45pm-3.55pm          Mr. Dennis Kimbugwe: What are the alternative ways of enhancing entrepreneurship education in communities that can bring out their innovative ideas for impact?

3.55pm-4.05pm          Prof Said Benamar: What are the transformative basic foundations for a student centered academic model for reshaping education in the 21st century?

Are there best practices that African Higher Education can adapt?

4.05pm-4.25pm          Prof. Guidici Alesandro: What are the best practices, challenges and recommendations for pro- social intermediary organizations that will see an inclusive growth in social entrepreneurship in Africa?

4.25pm-4.50pm          Two Recommendations from each of the panelists for economic recovery beyond the Covid 19 pandemic

 4.50pm-5.00pm          Closing remarks by each of the speaker with a way forward in entrepreneurship education for impact.

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