Terms of Reference: Provision of Credit Scoring Services

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Support to Resilience for Sustainable Livelihoods, West Pokot “Ustahimilivu” Project


The E4Impact Foundation is part of a consortium implementing “Support to Resilience for Sustainable Livelihoods” project in West Pokot County that is funded by the European Union. The overall objective of the Project is to contribute towards increased resilience of communities to drought and other effects of climate change in ASAL areas of Kenya.

The specific objectives of the action are: –

  1. to enhance food and nutrition security of vulnerable households, especially for women and children in West Pokot County.
  2. to generate sustainable livelihoods and protect productive assets in West Pokot County.

The Expected Output

  • ER1: West Pokot County with productive, climate resilient and nutrition sensitive agriculture and livestock production strategies and measures implemented
  • ER2: West Pokot County with strengthened key productive household assets and community investments that are sustainably protected and safeguarded against recurrent droughts and the effects of climate change and recovery capacities
  • ER3: West Pokot County with strengthened administrative services, cross-sectoral collaboration and local livelihood initiatives

 E4Impact is implementing activities related to strengthening the resilience of pastoralist and agro-pastoralist communities through entrepreneurship, links to markets and development of value chains, and lobbying West Pokot County to incorporate climate-smart technologies for strengthening resilience. The action is built on a multi-sectoral demonstration approach which leverages on the existing presence of two community conservancies in Pellow and Masol and a total of 11 wards enclosed in their belt.

About the consultancy

A big percentage of smallholder farmers in developing nations face challenges accessing debt financing. The absence of credit history leaves many potentially credit-worthy individuals without access to credit. Credit scoring has great potential to aid the economic growth of the an economy and can be a valuable tool for improving financial inclusion and efficiency.

E4Impact Foundation is currently seeking to hire a consultant to support with credit scoring of smallholder farmers targeted within the project to facilitate access to financing.

The assignment will entail.

  • Engaging farmer’s groups and cooperatives to determine baseline information of the farmers
  • Training on credit scoring to the targeted groups
  • Determining status in terms of access to credit
  • Determination of an appropriate credit scoring method for the groups
  • Credit scoring 400 Cooperative Members for accessing personal loans- for development, paying school fees, starting or scaling an IGA
  • Engaging relevant county officials in the exercise

Geographical Scope

The short-term consultancy will cover Cooperatives drawn from 11 wards namely Masol , Endough, Sekerr , Sook, Weiwei , Kiwawa , Suam, Kasei , Lomut , Alale  and Riwo wards.


The assignment is expected to be completed within 2 months. This period will cover preparation, field work including visits to the cooperatives/self-help groups, and completion of all the deliverables including all training and revision/submission of final reports, and follow-up calls with E4Impact foundation to monitor and support implementation.

Deliverables and Outputs:

The consultancy is expected to deliver the following outputs during and at the end of the consultancy assignment.

  • Training Report on Credit scoring
  • Determine the best credit scoring methodology
  • Credit scores for 400 cooperative members

Core responsibilities of the Lead Consultant:-

The lead consultant will be expected to perform the following core responsibilities:

  • Ensure that the Smallholder farmers receive enough information on the data used and the decisions made on the basis of the credit scoring method
  • Ensure transparency about the data collection process.
  • Ensure data privacy is embedded in the data collection method
  • Ensure that cooperative members are educated and made aware of the use of credit scores.

Application Procedure

Interested Firms should provide the following documents together with the proposal:

  1. Technical proposal not exceeding 8 pages indicating prior experience and how this assignment will be executed.
  2. Financial proposal
  3. Recent CV of consultants with references.

All applications should be emailed to procurement.kenya@e4impact.org by the 15th  of November 2022

220914 – Credit Scoring Terms of Reference-USTAHIMILIVU

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