Terms of Reference (TOR) Tent Installation Contractor

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E4I/Incubatore/RFP 06/2022

A. Programme Title: Incubatore Di Impresa in Kenya

B. CUP No. J49J21015460008

C. AID No. 12232

D. Type of Contract: Short Term Agreement

E. Subject: Tent Supplier

F. Programme Description

The E4Impact Foundation’s mission and goal is to train a new generation of impact entrepreneurs in Africa, leveraging partnerships among companies and universities, institutions across the globe. To achieve this goal, E4Impact runs incubation and acceleration centers to provide businesses with entrepreneurial services, such as:

  • links with local investors
  • Connections with international companies,
  • Funding,
  • ICT and satellite communication services
  • Access to markets

 G. Scope of Work

E4Impact Accelerator is putting up training facilities at its offices located at Sominerec, Ushirika Road near Cooperative University. Part of the project entails the erection of a 80-100 person capacity training tent. In line with this scope, E4Impact wishes to procure the services of a Tent Installation contractor on a design-and-build contract basis. The tent must meet the following specifications;

a) Polyester/Cotton blended fibres yarns.

b) Breathable materials

c) When closed, the tent must give good protection against dust, wind, rain, insects and small crawling fauna.

d) All seams subject to possible tension to be double lock stitched and water proofed

e) Supported on 4 mild steel stanchions fixed to anchor bolts fixed to concrete pad foundations and with steel connectors.

f) To have retractable sides

H. Expected Outputs and Deliverables

The Contractor will be tasked with preparation and submission of shop drawings approved by a registered and structural engineer, prepare detailed bills of quantities based on the shop drawings, undertake all the civil works and install the tent as per the shop drawings and to the satisfaction of the E4Impact Project Manager. 

The Contractor will be required to submit;

  1. Shop drawings including assembly details on A3 size paper and in CAD (dwg) format clearly specifying the materials to be used and the structural support system.
  2. The Health, Safety & Environment policy documentation.

The Contractor is at liberty to partner with subcontractors for works that are not their specialization like civil works.

I. Institutional Arrangement

a) The Contractor will work under the direct supervision of the E4Impact Project Manager.

b)  The project manager will confirm adherence to specifications before materials are installed.

J. Duration of the Work

The duration of the construction shall be 1 month after signing the contract.

K. Site location

The site is located at Sominerec, Ushirika Road near Cooperative University.

L. Qualifications of the Successful Contractor

I-Mandatory Requirements:

a) Company registration certificate

b) KRA PIN certificate

c) KRA Tax compliance certificate

d) County single business permit

II-Key Competences:

a) Proven experience in tent fabrication and installation.

b) Availability of an in-house or partner registered engineer.

c) Experience with international and non-governmental organizations.

 II-Other Competences:

The Contractor shall be paid an agreed upon down payment  to commence the work. Any advance payment will only be against a bank guarantee for the amount requested. Any interim payment will be subject to 10% retention 50% of which will be released upon practical completion of the project and issuance of Practical Completion Certificate by the Project Manager.

M. Recommended Presentation of Offer

Interested contractors must submit the following documents:

a) Duly accomplished Letter of Confirmation of Interest using the template provided by E4Impact;

b) Company Profile indicating all past experience from similar projects, as well as the contact details (email and telephone number) of at least three (3) referees;

c) Methodology statement describing how the contractor intends to implement the project.

d) Financial Proposal indicating the all-inclusive costs and ensure that all such costs (the amounts to be in Euro). 

There will be a mandatory site visit/information session on 29th June 2022 at 10am.

The proposals together with the completed Letter of confirmation of interest should be emailed to procurement.kenya@e4impact.org by COB 8th July 2022.  The subject of the email should quote 12.1 Extraordinary Maintenance

E4Impact will host an info-session The info session is to provide all the information to suppliers as they prepare their bids, access the site for surveying and measurements and answer any questions. Interested suppliers are required to register their interest:https://forms.gle/MV2LWSwcanrX9mgf6


Offeror’s Letter to E4impact Confirming Interest For Tent Installation Contractor



E4Impact Foundation                                                                                                                                                      

Via San Vittore 18

20123 Milano, Italy

PIV: 09311470968

CUP No: J49J21015460008

Dear Sir/Madam,

We hereby declare that:

a. We  have  read,  understood  and  hereby  accept  the  Terms  of  Reference  describing  the  project scope under theIncubatore d’ Impresa in Kenya Project;

b. We have also read, understood and hereby accept E4Impact’s General Conditions of Contract for the Services of the contract;

c. We hereby propose my services and we confirm my interest in performing the contract assignment through the submission of my company profile CV which we have duly signed  and attached hereto as Annex —–;

d. In compliance with the requirements of the Terms of Reference, we hereby confirm that we are available for the entire duration of the assignment, and I shall perform the services in accordance with the Terms of Reference

e. We hereby propose to complete the services based on the following payment rate:

A total lump sum of [state amount in words and in numbers, indicating exact currency],payable on a mutually agreed schedule.

f. For your evaluation, the breakdown of the above mentioned all-inclusive amount is attached hereto as

Annex —–;

g. We recognize that the payment of the abovementioned amounts due to us shall be based on our delivery of outputs within the timeframe specified in the TOR, which shall be subject to E4Impact’s confirmation, acceptance and payment certification procedures;

h. This offer shall remain valid for a total period of days [minimum of 90 days] after the submission deadline;

i. We confirm that I have no first degree relative (mother, father, son, daughter, spouse/partner, brother or sister)currently employed at any of the E4Impact offices  [disclose the name of the relative, the E4Impact office employing the relative, and the relationship if, any such relationship exists];

Name of Relative E4Impact office employing the relative Relationship


j. If I am selected for this assignment, we shall sign a construction Contract with E4Impact;

k. I hereby confirm that [check all that applies]:

At the time of this submission, I have no active or any form of engagement with any Business Unit ofE4Impact; We are currently engaged with E4Impact and/or other entities for the following work:

Assignment Contract Type E4Impact Business Unit /Name of Project/Country Contract






l. We fully understand and recognize that E4Impact is not bound to accept this offer, and we also understand and accept that we shall bear all costs associated with its preparation and submission and that E4Impact will in no case be responsible or liable for those costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the selection process.

m. We also fully understand that, if we are engaged as the contractor, we have no  expectations nor entitlements whatsoever to be engaged in another project.

Full Name and Signature:                                                               Date Signed:

Annexes [pls. check all that applies]:

No Document Attached (tick) Annex No
1.       Company Registration Certificate    
2.       KRA PIN    
3.       KRA Tax Compliance Certificate    
4.       Single Business Permit    
5.       Company Profile    


   Breakdown of Costs Supporting The Final All-Inclusive Price as per Template


220623 TentSupplier_ToR_E4Impact Accelerator-




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