Terms Of Reference for Ecosystem Mapping and Positioning

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E4Impact Entrepreneurship Center


E4I/Incubatore/RFP 08/2022


Cup No:  J49J21015460008                 Reference: Incubatore di Impressa in Kenya


  1. Background

The E4Impact Entrepreneurship Center (EEC) works at the ecosystem level to ensure the right support systems exist and function adequately to support entrepreneurs.  To understand the role and contribution of EEC in strengthening the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Kenya, EEC proposes the development of an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Mapping. The mapping analysis will contribute to the overall development of the entrepreneurship center by strengthening the institutional environment in which entrepreneurs operate and the level of assistance they receive, critical determinants of the success of businesses This analysis will allow the EEC to construct and adapt its strategy to best align it with the needs of the Kenyan entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  1. Scope of work

This assignment seeks to understand and map out the active stakeholders in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Kenya with the aim of the positioning of the E4Impact Entrepreneurship center. The assignment should fulfill the following tasks:

  • An initial mapping and analysis covering the overall ecosystem and gauge the types of support given by institutions to entrepreneurs and at which levels of the business lifecycle and the impact. Institutions might include incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, Fab Labs, Tech Hubs, as well as any other relevant stakeholders.
  • Conduct an analysis of the types of linkages or collaborations that occur between various players in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Such a network analysis should demonstrate the connections between actors but also identify which institutions are highly connected.
  • Identify and document the challenges faced in the ecosystem by different stakeholders
  • Gain insights from entrepreneurship support organizations, funders, investors and entrepreneurs, or the “users” of the ecosystem. to provide an accurate description of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in order to identify gaps and best practices
  • Clearly articulate the competitive advantage of E4Impact Entrepreneurship Centre in the Kenyan ecosystem
  • Document a competitor analysis & Position the EEC within the existing entrepreneurial ecosystem;
  • Develop guidelines and recommendations to improve / enhance the position of the EEC
  • In coordination with EEC team, organize a validation workshop to gather all institutions to discuss report findings and recommendations. The consultant will organize the workshop but workshop expenses will be covered separately (not included in consultant fees)
  1. Expected outputs

This analysis will be presented in the following tasks:

  • Exhaustive list of institutions, services and support mechanisms developed and presented in a scheme/map presenting the entire ecosystem.
  • Network analysis report documenting all the data gathered during all relevant meetings held and inputs from the interviews consolidated in the entrepreneurship ecosystem mapping.
  • A diagnostic report on the entrepreneurship ecosystem covering the key recommendations for the improvement of the ecosystem.
  • Consolidated and validated entrepreneurship ecosystem report
  • E4Impact Entrepreneurship Center brand positioning report and practical recommendations with timelines on how EEC can better position itself as a market leader in the Kenyan Entrepreneurial Eco-system.
  1. Consultant Requirements

The Consultant/Consultancy firm should possess:

  • Demonstrable knowledge of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • Understanding of entrepreneurial support organizations and the variety of interventions to support start-ups and existing businesses
  • Connections to leading organizations and thought leaders in entrepreneurship
  • Strong research skills and experience with developing landscaping and mapping studies through desk research and interviews
  1. Submissions

Proposals must include:

  • CV (max two pages) for each consultant involved;
  • Two examples of comparable work;
  • Technical proposal (max 8 pages) including: understanding of the work to be completed; methodology; detailed work plan with timeline;
  • Financial proposal to be submitted separately separating out fees and any expenses (in Euros); and
  • 3 professional references.

Proposals must be submitted via procurement.kenya@e4impact.org  by 5:00 PM EAT on 26th August, 2022.  The subject of your email should read Ecosystem Mapping and Positioning Consultancy.

220726 – Full Stack Developer

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