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E4Impact Foundation is part of the consortium implementing “Support to Resilience for Sustainable Livelihoods” project in Isiolo County funded by the European Union.

The overall objective of the DRIC Project is to contribute towards increased resilience to droughts and other negative impact of climate change for vulnerable groups and reduce the number of children under 5 years who are stunted in Isiolo County (WHA – Global Nutrition Target 1 for 2025).

The Specific Objective of the project is: to enhance Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) for vulnerable Pastoralist and Agro-pastoralist Communities in Isiolo County, generating sustainable livelihoods, protecting productive assets and improving climate-smart county service delivery. The action will target beneficiaries located mainly in 6 priority wards namely Oldonyiro, Ngaremara, Chari, Cherab, Kinna and Garbattula.

E4Impact Foundation is implementing activities related to strengthening the resilience of pastoralist and agro-pastoralist communities through entrepreneurship, links to markets and development of value chains, enhancing the One Village One Product Initiative, and lobbying Isiolo County to incorporate climate-smart technologies for strengthening resilience

Access to markets remains one of the key challenges that agribusiness entrepreneurs face when trying to access market. High dependency on traditional marketing channels by the target beneficiaries’ further limits access to wider markets for their products both within Isiolo County and beyond. In addition, many entrepreneurs lack the knowledge and skills to utilize digital marketing to complement the traditional marketing approaches.


E4Impact is seeking the services of a consultant to develop an online marketplace for the products, services identified in the project and provide  digital marketing services in Isiolo County. The objective of the online marketing platform is to link producers from Isiolo County to markets within the County and beyond. The consultant will develop the content for the online tool which will then be linked to the county portal for marketing products from the county. The consultant will be expected to develop a methodology to guide the target beneficiaries  on how to identify and select the best strategy to market their product both locally and beyond. The consultant is expected to provide in-depth knowledge and step-by-step guideline on the strategy to be followed for the successful marketing of the identified products and services.

The aim of this ToR is to invite interested IT and Digital Marketing Agencies / firms or experts to develop and submit their responses on:

  1. Online marketing platform for Isiolo County animal and crop products. This online platform will support entrepreneurs from the region promote and sell their products and interact with their customers. As the number of entrepreneurs increase, the website will provide visibility and market opportunities linking the seller (entrepreneur) and the buyers.

The Marketplace will include the following sub platforms.

    • A website that replicates most all features and optimized for mobile access
    • An admin dashboard for content control and analytics
    • A web back end. This will serve both the app and the dashboard plus the website with content
    • Relevant social media pages to support traffic to come to the online Marketplace.
  1. Improve smallholder market access for product marketing and input supplies through setup and roll out of social media campaigns for Isiolo county products. The consultant will be expected to link the traditional marketing platforms to the digital platform for more impact.
  2. Create a separate digital/online presence for a farm input cooperative. E4Impact Foundation is currently supporting. This should include key social media pages for the Co-operative that will be used to drive traffic back to the Marketplace Website/ online platform and the farm input co-operative website.

Consultancy Deliverables

The following is the scope of work for short term assignment.

Scope of Work Deliverables
Marketing Analysis and Marketing strategy
  • Conducting a marketing needs assessment for the groups and the input co-operative to establish price points, volume of local products available, existing markets among others
  • Undertake a customer mapping and segmentation to clearly identify the customer targets
  • Design and development of a digital strategy to help the groups and the Farm input co-operative optimize the digital channels and continuously run effective and targeted digital campaigns.
Website and  marketplace Platform
  • Functioning websites with a SSL encryption
  • A well laid out and easy to navigate websites
  • Content development for the various web pages
  • Suggestions on how to make it an adaptive and engaging digital entrepreneur platform.
  • train the entrepreneurs on how to navigate  the site and update their details
Content creation and Audience Engagement
  • To create a calendar of 2021 events with supporting content to generate sales for each value chain products and the co-operative
  • To produce content including but not limited to videos, curated albums, infographics, GIFs to promote the Value chain products and the co-operative
  • To conceptualize and execute social media activities to drive audience engagement, such as but not limited to promotions, campaigns etc.
  • Create or strengthen for the 20 Community Groups and Farm input co-operative’s brand collateral – business logo, tagline and business description
Digital Campaigns
  • Design and run periodical digital campaigns for the value chain products that are targeted to the specific customer segment
  • Page views of the Marketing platform to be at least 5,000 per month.
  • At least 10,000 organic likes and followers on Facebook official page by end of the consultancy period with 500 average weekly engagement
  • Website traffic to the Website/ marketplace with at least 5,000 hits bi-weekly.
  • At least 5,000 followers on Twitter by end of the consultancy period
  • At least 5,000 followers on Instagram by end of the consultancy period
Media Schedule and Boosting
  • To craft an effective and strategic social media plan for 6 months from start date of the consultancy
  • To present a visual media schedule for paid amplification of social media pages and posts
Digital Media Partnerships
  • Engage effective social media influencers (this includes the Youth Influencers based in Isiolo)
  • Partner with radio stations that will help us promote the Value chain products and build brand visibility for the Farm input co-operative and Value chain products
Performance Report
  • Monitor the performance and progress of all the official social media accounts
  • Provide monthly comprehensive performance reports for E4Impact’s review and evaluation
Training and support


  • Provide digital marketing training to at least 2 members of each community group to be able to manage their social media pages
  • Provide post 4 months support after the assignment completion


  1. The consultant or firm must be a full-service media agency with the required manpower/personnel and staff that is duly established in Kenya.
  2. A proven track record with Digital Marketing campaigns, experience in online media planning and media buying, Social Media, email marketing among others
  3. The Consultant or Firm must have must have supported at least 3 clients successfully develop and implement a digital marketing strategy and executed it to deliver traction and sales generation.

Project Duration & Timelines

The consultancy will be for 2 months with a 4 month support from the consultant or firm.

Application Process

For consultant(s) interested to bid for the assignment, they are required to submit one proposal to by 7th May 2021 with the email subject: TOR Digital Marketing Services


Download the FULL Terms of Reference here>> TERMS OF REFERENCE – DRIC Marketplace

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