'Business' incorporates entrepreneurial as well as enterprise development. 'Green' comes down to buildings, infrastructure and utilities. Impact is what we want!

Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), in partnership with Entrepreneurship for Impact (E4Impact) is implementing a project themed “Green Buildings Development in African Secondary Cities through Policy, Entrepreneurial and Business Practice Support in Uganda”.

About the Initiative

The initiative is funded by the Ministry of foreign affairs and Italian Cooperation (AICs).

The aim is to help in the enhancement of business models, plans, and guidelines for addressing the pressures of African development, urbanization, and climatic change, notably in the Green Building Sector.

This will facilitate the creation of climate resilient cities and showcase regional projects being implemented by the so called ‘Greenpreneurs” and Local Municipalities.

Green building Innovative solutions and bold entrepreneurs are needed to respond to the challenges of green buildings. In addition business and job opportunities are a way to provide a prosperous future to the young generations in the region, leading to more peaceful societies.
These key outcomes inform a precondition for stability, economic and social development of communities in Uganda.
The project aims to improve the entrepreneurial, business practices and environment policies to support green buildings development in the secondary city of Soroti in Uganda, where a green urbanization and industrialization project is already taking place.

What is Green Building?

“A ‘green’ building is a building that, in its design, construction or operation, reduces or eliminates negative impacts of climate and natural environment, and creates positive environmental impacts.”- World Green Building Council.

Join The Initiative

If you meet the above criteria, please fill out the attached application form or click this link to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the FAQs of this initiative?

General Information

Who is running the BGI project?

The project is carried out by Global Green Growth Initiative in partnership with E4Impact Foundation

How long will the BGI program run?

The program will last 15 months (April 2023 - June 2024)

How many cohorts are there?

There will be only one cohort composed of 25 entrepreneurs

Your Application

How do I join the program?

To join the program, apply at this link: Here. Deadline extended until: 31st March 2023

Is there any info session?

Yes, on Tuesday 21 April at 14.30 EAT.

Is my application automatically saved?

Yes, once you create an account on the platform, you can begin your application and come back at a later time.

Is the entry to the competition confidential?

Yes, it is. Any information provided in the application will be held in full confidence as we comply with GDPR.

Who can I contact if I have doubts and questions?

For more assistance contact:

Program Eligibility

Is the BGI program only open to Soroti businesses?

No, your business is not required to be settled in Soroti. However, your business should carry on activities correlated to Soroti. You are also eligible if you are willing to expand your activity in Soroti.

What stage of business can apply?

The following target group can both apply:
Target group A: "Start-Ups"
Annual turnover < $10,000
2yrs operational
Have an innovative idea
Youth and female led (40%) are encouraged to apply

Target group B: "GrowthPreneurs"
Annual turnover >10,000
2yrs operational
Ready for scale-up and looking for investment
Basic bookkeeping in place

To which sector should my business belong to be eligible?

Green manufacturing of construction materials
Service companies like suppliers of green building materials
Green tech companies
Resource circularity companies.

What program benefits do you receive in the program?

Green buildings training program
Coaching and mentorship
Links to financial and investment opportunities
Partial scholarship to join the Global MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship by Catholic University of Milan & Uganda Martyrs University
Technical assistance.