Why Business Processes are Important

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A system is a procedure, process, method or course of action designed to achieve a specific result. Creating effective business system is the only way to attain results that are consistent, measurable, and ultimately benefit customers.

“Processes are the life-blood of a business” – Tony Kisaka, Business Processes Trainer, E4Impact Accelerator

Business process categories. Image Source: Techtarget.com

System and processes are the essential building blocks of your company.

Every facet of your business is part of a system that can be managed or improved by applying correct principles. The method with which is organized, coordinated and controlled within a business is the Business Process.

Business process is a flow of information (activities through the organization, to internal to external stakeholders. The business process categories are:

  • Operational processes
  • Supporting processes
  • Management processes


Every business process must ask itself this question:

  1. Does the flow of the process show every step?
  2. What step is missing?
  3. Does each step belong?
  4. Is each step necessary?
  5. Can some steps be combined?
  6. Are there too many decisions points?
  7. Can the flow be rearrange and simplified?

“The session gave insights to problems that businesses face due to a lack of documented business processes. At Enzo Agri, we have begun to map out and document processes for our core business operations such as customer on boarding, and complaints handling to help us enhance our customer service delivery.” – Caroline Gathaiya –  Co-Founder,  Enzo Agri.

Caroline is one of the participants of the ARESSOK program who participated in the Business Processes Training.

ARESSOK Project is sponsored by the French Embassy in Kenya under the FSPI grants of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, with the aim of strengthening the capacities of Social Entreprise Society Of Kenya (SESOK), support the development of new activities for its members and increase SESOK membership subscriptions, hence supporting the development of social entrepreneurship and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in Kenya. ARESSOK is being implemented through a partnership with E4IMPACT and ASHOKA.

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